Had to be the windiest day EVER to make this huge announcement on my social media haha! But listen up, my people!!  And stay tuned for updates!




Have to say that songwriting trip #2 is going extremely well. Love the writers/producers I’m getting to work with and the baby I just met blew out the cutest baby ever meter. Should be illegal! 











Lord, you have blessed me!! Having a great day with these guys!

Oh what fun it is to write with the songwriters here!! Ya!!

Just landed in Nashville. So excited to be back!

So happy to be part of this program! What a privilege it is to be able to speak into the lives of these up and coming Canadians!

My brother Brett and I both started playing music early in life as you can see from these old photos. I have to say, though, that I’m definitely cooler as I am learning from the master, Fred Penner. Lol! (I think my brother is cuter though, don’t you!)

When I was in Sweden last year I just had to try out a pair of their traditional footwear but I sure didn’t expect to get a pair of my own!! Thank you, Michel and Pernilla Putnik, for these awesome clogs! Now to learn how to walk in them haha!


So.. my dad retired after over 40 years sitting in front of a computer monitor! What does he want to do to celebrate this momentous occasion? Come to MKT where I’m playing, strap on his guitar and play a couple tunes with me. I’m telling you, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today if it weren’t for him. He’s been the best. I love you, Dad. (sorry if the pics are a little grainy)

It was great having my sibs there too. Thought I’d throw in a photo of me on a break with my brother Brett and my sister Carmen and her husband Jared.

Hope you took your sweetie someplace special on Valentine’s Day! I spent a fun filled, packed evening with lots of super people at the Central Social Hall in St. Albert.

But what do you do with a life-size poster of yourself!! Haha