Had an amazing time playing two shows at SCA. Shared about anxiety and mental health with the entire assembly of Junior and Senior High School kids. Special thanks to my friend, Ali, for setting this all up.

If you happen to be lucky enough to find yourself in Prince George BC make sure you stop in at The Black Clover for some great food and great entertainment!  I spent a wonderful three nights playing for the best bunch of BC’ers around. I’ll be back, Prince George!

Had a fan draw me! How cool is that!





Loved opening for my friend Martin Kerr at the Winspear last year. Great guy. Great singer/songwriter. He’ll be performing again at the Winspear May 15th so get your tickets soon before they’re sold out!

Oh man bun oh man bun where are you…..  Remember those days, friends? Lol! Really like this pic though.

How cool is it to have a store named after you!! Especially in CHINA!!! Was a fun trip last year!


Can’t begin to tell you how amazing this concert was! Thank you so much to all the people that came out Thursday night! I really wanted to entertain everyone..had my drum kit set up, keyboards, wave drum, guitars, looper and away we went! I just love you guys so much and hope we can do this again real soon.

Here are some pics… I’ll probably post a few more down the road!











photo credits Darla Schick Woodley, Carmen Leibel, Madeleine Sabourin, Romy Young Photography

Tickets available at Ticketmaster

It was another fun Saturday night at MKT! Lots of birthdays happening, people dancing. Love this place and the great staff!

(above photo by G. Bochek)


Hope you’re planning to come to Festival Place March 15th! See you there!

If you haven’t had a chance to hear my new song “SCARS” on FB or YouTube check it out here on my website under the Media/Video tab.  I’ve had a great response from it. So many people suffer from depression and anxiety and this song really spoke to them.

Here are a couple of stills from the shoot…