On my way!

Soul food!!

Made it!

How I love this place!


Had a great time in Orlando, FL playing at the SonLife Pastors Conference.  While there I had a chance to hang with some of my oldest and best friends before flying out to Nashville TN to meet a couple of  amazing people in the music business. I have never seen a city more devoted to live music than this town! Nashville, you rule!

I love my life!!

But I’m glad to be back in Alberta. Even if it is FREEZING here!!

You know you’re in Florida when you see signs like this one!

This career is so cool! I get to go to neat places like Orlando and hang a bit in my old stomping grounds. Here’s a pic of where I spent some great years! Loved living in Lake Mary, FL.

Had a great time with my Branches family last night! If you’re still looking for Christmas presents, folks, check this place out! Their greenhouse is packed with bargains and the food in the restaurant is ace!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Tickets go on sale December 11th! Don’t miss out! This show is for all ages and tickets are only $20.

Bring your friends!

If you didn’t catch my FB Live post this is it! I have rented out Festival Place in Sherwood Park for March 15 2018 to put on my own show! I have never done this before and it’s going to be epic! You’ll see and hear all original songs done the way I’ve always wanted to do them.. I’ll be looping vocals, guitar, keyboards and will be doing drum solos to all of it (in case you didn’t know, drums were my first passion)! Come on out and enjoy some great music!

One of my favourite things to do is sing with my brother, Brett. We’ve sung together since we were kids and it never gets old. Love my bro!


Another great night at the Tavern! I’m there most Wednesday nights, folks! Come on out and say hi!!

A taste of China… that’s all I’ve had time for this trip but what a taste! Here are some quick pics taken along the way!

Shanghai’s Times Square


Playing invisible bongo drums inside Yuyuan garden in Yuyuan, Zhejiang, China

Sipping a Chinese beer

Made it to the beach

Cuddly and not so cuddly


Getting ready in Beijing

Standing on one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China!!