I love this gig at the Banff Springs Hotel so much! Not only do I meet the most amazing people from all over the world but I get to do my favourite thing in the whole world (which is, of course, to sing and play music) at my favourite place in the whole world, the Rocky Mountains of Alberta!

In the work out room:













My view from the work out room!
















Grabbing supper in the lounge (one of the perks!):













My view as I’m having my supper in the lounge… surrounded by the majestic Rockies.


















If you have never been to these mountains put this trip on your bucket list!

God straight up flexing!

Sometimes it’s good to just get away from music for a bit. Have friends who invite me out to their little cabin in the woods and it’s the best way to veg! Know what I mean?

Here’s a great family pic for ‘throwback thursday’! Me and my bro a couple of years back in my ‘man bun’ days haha!! Sure do like the short hair better!

(Think I still wear that shirt…)

I can’t tell you what an honour it is to play for weddings. It’s incredibly special being a part of this huge event in people’s lives.

Got such a kick out of this adorable little girl who couldn’t stop watching me. Sure would like to know what was going on in her mind right then!

Haha! This is from a year ago!!

VJM- my old junior high school! So fun to come back and sing a few songs for you! Thanks so much for the cool drawings! They’re great!!

Coach Mike! Fancy running into you here at Denizen’s!  I have super memories of this guy. He coached the RDV Stars in Orlando FL and we played some pretty awesome tournaments not only in Florida but in Tenessee too…

This guy’s the real deal. Played in the WHL back in the day. So good to see you, Coach!

Always love joining the hot band at Denizen’s! Thanks so much for inviting me to sing along!

A long way to drive to play one song but they wanted “Renegade” and I was happy to comply!  Always love playing in Calgary!