Took an early morning flight to Houston landing in a sauna! Only thing to do is hop a unicorn and enjoy the ride!




























Talk about cutting it tight! My flight from Copenhagen was delayed so I missed my connection in Toronto and didn’t land at the EIAirport until 7:15 pm. Thankfully the bosses at the Station were cool and said to just plug in and play when I got there. Which is what I did… walked in the door at 8:15 and was on stage plugged in and playing by 8:20 no sound check, no set list, a little on the tired side having been up travelling for 24 hours… and had an absolute blast!  I LOVE Edmonton crowds! You’re my people.

















Lights was awesome. She is so cool and a real people’s musician, humble and super positive. Had a great chat with her.
















Here are some really cool photos taken by Lindsey Catherine Photography!







Great news! Just got invited to open for Lights at the ‘Station on Jasper’ tomorrow (July 12). My Copenhagen/Toronto flight lands at the EIAirport at 4:15 pm which should work for a 7:30 pm start time! Totally pumped to play at Edmonton’s newest live music venue!

Tried on some traditional Swedish clogs and I must say, they aren’t the most comfortable footwear I’ve ever had the pleasure of borrowing!



Love the scenery, the ocean, the marina… inspired to do a bit of songwriting … such a cool part of the world.














and one more from Kullaberg National Park, Sweden

See this little town behind me? That’s Mölle and tomorrow I’ll be playing for a big party there!

Such great people here.  Kind and generous…and fun!

Here is some of the landscape driving from the airport in Copenhagen to Mölle which is about 90 minutes away. So cool to be here!

Busy week. Loved my time in Kelowna BC Thursday. Raced on to Rocky Mountain House AB for a super fun gig Friday and here I am flying half way around the world to play an event for friends in Sweden and it’s only Saturday.

But man, I am so tired. … grabbed the plane to Toronto having had only one hour of sleep and it was brutal. The life of a musician sure has its moments 😀


It was a gorgeous afternoon in Kelowna for Mike and Larissa’s wedding! I was honoured providing the music for their special day.














Here I am with my sister, Carmen. The groom, Mike, is her brother-in-law!

Here are a few candid people pics taken on Canada Day!



































(photo credit Karen Hampton)

Thank you St. Albert for an opportunity to sing a few songs for my home town peeps. It was a chilly evening but hardy Canadians never let cold weather stop us from getting out and having a good time.

I am so proud to be Canadian!