What a great set up at this festival! Nothing like seeing your name and yourself on screens way larger than life. The sound set up was amazing too. Great system, you guys!! You really know how to do this!  So glad I could be a part of it!!

(Here are a few shots from the event)






















I love what my fans sometimes post on IG. I took a couple screen shots from a short video of this dog singing along to one of my covers.  He was even in tune (kinda! haha!).






Love playing with these guys! You can catch them and sometimes me too at the Match Eatery in Roger’s Place after every big concert!  These pics were taken after the Shawn Mendes show. Photo credit to Natalie Price.


I don’t know how many times I’ve played in this town.. but it’s always my special quiet healing place. Whenever I come to these mountains I find peace.











And then of course there are the great people I play to! Love this IG post! Love my fans so much!!

Thank you for inviting me to play at your lovely event! It’s always pleasure being in your fine town, Calgary!

Thankyou so much, VJM, for inviting me to play at your fundraiser bike-a-thon! I always love playing for the kids at this junior high school. I used to go there so it brings back memories!

Love my gigs with the CampFire Heroes at the Match Pub. Don’t usually lay down the beat so this was fun!

Was a treat to play with my friend Mike Ruby at the Station. Not only is he an awesome singer/songwriter but he plays a crazy good saxophone!

Spent a fun hour with my buddies Martin Kerr and Mike Ruby on FB Live at Sound Lab Studios in Sherwood Park! It was great to see so many of you guys tuning in!

It’s here!! If you go to media/video on this website you can check out my new looped video of All The Lights. What a fun song to play!

Kudos once again to Justin Wiesinger of Intrinsic Media for his awesome camera work.

Love you guys!