May 24th Winspear Concert revisited!

Great review of Martin Kerr’s May 24th concert at the Winspear in ‘The Edmonton Muse’ June 2017 edition! Here’s what reviewer Shauna Specht had to say about Paul’s contribution to that memorable evening!

“The second special guest, also one of Martin Kerr’s backup singers for the evening, was locally known and loved singer-songwriter and performer, Paul Woida. Speaking of up-and-comers, multiple competition winner, Woida, is well on his way even having opened for Meghan Trainor. His brief performance at the start of Kerr’s second set of the evening was memorable, inspiring and an absolute treat. With Kerr having imposed the caveat of no use of loop pedals (usually a trademark element of a Woida performance), he effortlessly taught the audience to beautifully accompany him in harmony and achieved his big sound nonetheless.”