Paul Woida plays music for Edmonton’s homeless

Had the privilege of performing while we gave tons of socks away to tons of people living on the streets. It was one of my favourite shows ever! They cheered so loud after every song and even danced. People working there said at events like these there’s usually at least one fight. This time no one fought each other because they were dancing with each other instead! Then, later on a homeless man came up to me to shake my hand and when I extended my hand it was covered in ketchup (I was eating a hotdog and always have too much ketchup). I apologized and looked around for a napkin but he grabbed my disgusting sticky hand and with a big grin said ‘I’ve been dirty before brother. It always washes off’. I kind of just stared at him speechless like an idiot. His statement was so profound to me. It hit me hard for some reason. I’ll never forget it. What a night.