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paul Woida at the Jasper Park Lodge

Had a wonderful weekend at this jewel in the Alberta Rockies, the JPL. I’ve played conventions and weddings here but never had the pleasure of playing in the great room of the Lodge. What a fun place! Can’t say enough about the staff and the guests. First rate, all. Have a look at some of […]

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Paul Woida and mental health

I’ve been pretty open about my mental health struggles. It’s the underlying theme beneath almost all the songs on my upcoming project. This upcoming single is about dealing with anxiety and celebrates how God was a huge part of getting me through that dark time.

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Happy Easter from Paul Woida

Hope y’all had a wonderful Easter and took some time to love up your friends and families. That’s what I did! But I have to say, as much as I enjoyed the chocolates (and I do cos I’m an unashamed chocoholic!!) and the great food (oh ya!) it really was not about that. It’s about […]

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