Hey Guys!! Winspear tickets have been going pretty fast! The gold seats are all the seats that are left on the floor! I’m going to be driving around hand delivering tickets in the coming weeks. Let me know if you want some!! (gotta be local though)

If you were at the sold out Festival Place last year you’ll never forget the great time we had!








This concert is going to be even better!  I have my friends Mike Ruby and Cab’Ral opening for me and it’s going to be amazing!! So get your tickets ASAP, save the date, OCT 24th, and come out for an evening of great music.

Had a blast on the Edmonton Riverboat. It was truly an adventure playing with my buddies, the CampFire Heroes, as we paddled on down the good old North Saskatchewan! Here are a few pics for you to enjoy! (thanks, Damian Young, for the pic of our sound check!)

This Saturday, July 6th, me and a few pals are playing on this cool river boat! Come hang! It’s going to be such a good time! Go to edmontonriverboat.ca for tickets.

See you there!

Hey guys, if you ever need entertainment at your special event don’t hesitate to contact me. I love doing house parties and have played at many birthday parties, weddings, you name it! Here are a couple pics from a couple of backyard recents! (use the contact form on this website and I’ll get right back to you)

Here it is, folks! Just released on Youtube and also my FB page ‘paulwoida music’ today! Ya!!  (You can also find it here on my website under ‘media’.) Hope you like it. Love you guys.

Get ready, my people! New video and song set to drop tomorrow, Tuesday, June 25th!!

And then watch for a big announcement Wednesday!!

What a great set up at this festival! Nothing like seeing your name and yourself on screens way larger than life. The sound set up was amazing too. Great system, you guys!! You really know how to do this!  So glad I could be a part of it!!

(Here are a few shots from the event)






















I love what my fans sometimes post on IG. I took a couple screen shots from a short video of this dog singing along to one of my covers.  He was even in tune (kinda! haha!).






Love playing with these guys! You can catch them and sometimes me too at the Match Eatery in Roger’s Place after every big concert!  These pics were taken after the Shawn Mendes show. Photo credit to Natalie Price.